Murmurations Moa by Graypants

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Providing more than just illumination, the Murmurations collection by Graypants is an LED system inspired by a breathtaking natural phenomenon: murmurations.

The avian spectacle is translated into dynamic installations, with captivating three-dimensional forms.

Each LED pendant within the “flock” is harmoniously connected to its neighbors, creating varying compositions from every viewpoint. By composing light in this way, we create a powerful collection that’s poised to tip, always on the verge of instant transformation.

Great for both residential and commercial projects. The murmuration collection is a highly adaptable system that can dramatically transform the interior of any space. Whether trying to make an iconic statement in a hotel lobby, restaurant, or home, these pieces will instantly create a focal point of light and wonder.

 For commercial projects please enquiry alessia (at)


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