Geos Desk Black

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Geos table, little functional children table with large drawer. The drawer can be pulled out from both sides. Once your kid grows out of it, you can use it as a side table.

Matching chair available: Lilly`s chair.

Also available in GREEN and LIGHT GREY

Bamboo is considered the most ecologically plant for different reasons. To mention a few: Bamboo is probably the fastest growing plant on earth. It grows naturally without the use of pesticides or herbicides.
Bamboo also recycles a huge quantity of CO2 and produces 35% more oxygen than a tree in the same environment.

Made in Denmark.

Dimensions: 70w x45h x39d cm 

The type of bamboo the designers use is ready for cutting after 4-6 years and in this period the plant manages to re-circulate the same volumes of
CO2 as an oak tree does in a couple of centuries. Thus, on the CO2 account it can be worthwhile transporting the sustainable material from Asia instead of using Nordic wood types.

Bamboo is a strong material that is also easy to work with. It makes it possible to minimize the use of glue and thus the use of the carcinogenic substance, formaldehyde, to a level far below the official Danish requirements. Consequently, bamboo is extremely suitable for children's furniture - which must not only be hard-wearing, but also healthy for the indoor environment.


Geo Desk Black  70w x45h x39d cm

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