Full Fire Trunk Stool

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The charm and the beauty of this trunk stool lies in the oak thermal treatment. The oak is burned which gives the Trunk a more elegant, sophisticate and unique look.

Use the Full Fire Trunk as a seat as well as a side table.

It is made of a piece of oak cut crosswise. The "roasting" process can be applied on 1/3 - 2/3 or 3/3 of the trunk creating a striking visual appeal.

This "roasted" funky seat is a great addition to bar and restaurans as well as coworking spaces with a strong identity.

The stool has a handle allowing you to move it easily.

As wood is a natural, live material, sensible to water and heat. So please AVOID any contact with water or any liquid. Use only as a seat. Keep at room temperature and far from heating appliances. Indoor use only.

Dimensions H45cm x D30cm - Kg. 18

Also available the classic Natural Oak Trunk

Please allow 4 weeks 

Designed and manufacutered in Poland by Design Studio Malafor


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