Da Vinci Catapult Kit

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Re-create the Da Vinci Catapult Kit. The infamous Leonardo Da Vinci was much more than an artist, you know. In the late 15th century, he worked on creative projects to improve the design of the age-old catapult.

Find out about his pawl and ratchet design with this working Da Vinci Catapult Kit and inspire imaginations both young and old. Putting the catapult together is easy and it’s all part of the fun, just follow the clear instructions that are included. When the catapult has been constructed, engage in creative play with friends and family, recreating battle scenes and imagining how once fortress walls were attacked with trebuchets and catapults firing blazing missiles or disease ridden corpses! Or simply sit back, relax and admire this stunning wooden catapult.

This wonderful, Wooden Catapult is a scale model which is both educational and fun! Young and old will find the process of constructing the catapult wholly absorbing. And the fun doesn't end there, the finished design is 41cm x 25cm x 16cm and the catapult actually works!

Clay balls are included in the set for firing, and with the right technique, they can be launched up to 15 feet! You can really see and experience, first-hand, how Da Vinci’s catapult could have worked.




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