Caspar Desk Senior

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This deluxe version of Caspar Desk is made of solid Oak.

The clever designed desk can adjusts in height and inclination for a better ergonomic posture.

You can choose the full natural wood or opt for colourful legs, available in White or Black to choose from. 

The tabletop includes a smart open storage shelf that is handy for tidying up notebooks, crayons, etc. The legs can also be pulled out and stored within this space.

Although incredibly stable the whole table weighs less than 10kg.

Designed by Martin Pabis and Thomas Maitz

Responsibly manufactured using renewable solar energy for reduced carbon footprint. 

Instructions: Four colourful legs are simply placed into the four holes in the hand-crafted solid-wood tabletop and secured at the desired height with o-rings made from natural rubber. To adjust the height and inclination, or to balance out an uneven floor, simply slide the infinitely adjustable legs up or down individually within their holes.

Material Body: solid wood, oak, oiled 
Material Legs: solid wood, oak, varnished

Dimensiosn: L1350mm x D675mm x H93mm height ~ adjustable top height 50 -78cm

Weight: approx. 10 kg

Depending on stock availability, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery


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