Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jorgensen

Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jorgensen form the team behind WE:DO:WOOD. They are both trained cabinetmakers, but where Sebastian` s understanding of design originally comes from the world of art, Henrik has broad experience as a craftsman. Two such different approaches to design creates scope and a good forum for development. Common to the two furniture designers is, however, the desire to move boundaries and give the craft of cabinetmaking a new twist in terms of design but especially in terms of attitude.

The basic concept behind WE:DO:WOOD is to show that design and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. And that production aesthetics need never stand in the way of application aesthetics. Because WEDOWOOD is not just about furniture - it s also about attitudes, changes and common sense.

"Sustainability is quintessential to our choice of materials and techniques. We simply place an honour in creating the most environmentally friendly forniture possibile