Les Jouets Libres

I was delighted to discover Les Jouets Libres. I believe we can still offer our kids lovely, natural, simple toys they will enjoy with their friends and with us as parents.

Les Jouets Libres is a French small boutique company who makes games using natural materials: responsibly sourced wood from Juras Mountains, organic cotton.

Les Jouets Libres are modern, eco friendly and clever letting the child engage and develop his imagination and creativity.

A kid story. The story of Les Jouets Libres started in a children room: « Dad, can we build a marble track in wood? Hey Dad ! I would like some heroes as well!» 

So, from the first product’s line RouleTaBille, a toys company was born with the idea to design creative, modern and eco-friendly toys, fairly made in France.

All Les Jouets Libres suppliers are very close to each others and toys are designed with zero waste objective.